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  • The 2017 WOW List - Wendy Perrin's Trusted Travel Experts - January 2017
  • UltraVilla.com - UltraVilla Experts Named Conde Nast Traveler Top Villa Experts - January 2017
  • Celebrating 25 years in the villa rental business, the team at Just France uses its vast knowledge of France to provide their clients with the top villas and luxury apartments across the country.

  • Condé Nast Traveler - Top Travel Specialists We Trust - December 2016
  • She [Annie Flogaus of Just France] can book you an apartment in Paris, a château in Bordeaux, or a villa on the Côte d’Azur.

  • WendyPerrin.com - What to Book Now: A Villa in Provence for June to August 2017 - November 2016
  • WendyPerrin.com - 22 Ideas for Holiday Vacations You Can Still Book: 6. A Pied-à-Terre in Paris - October 2016
  • WendyPerrin.com - Provence Vacation Rentals: How to Find the Best Ones - August 2016
  • UltraVilla.com - Where to Sail the Summer European Seas - June 2016
  • WendyPerrin.com - Where to Go in June: The Best Places to Travel - May 2016
  • "June is sublime: Spring is in full bloom, the produce is at its peak, and the warm, sunny days (save for the occasional rain and mistral wind) and extra-long evenings mean you can usually enjoy all three meals outdoors. Many villages hold festivals, with costumed parades and traditional food and activities, at the end of the month." —Annie Flogaus, Trusted Travel Expert for France Villa Vacations

  • UltraVilla.com - How We Started: Just France - April 2016
  • The 2016 WOW List - Wendy Perrin's Trusted Travel Experts - January 2016
  • "Annie has owned Just France for ten years, but has intentionally kept the company small, focusing only on 200 or so handpicked, guaranteed-to-delight villas and apartments around the country. She and her team all speak fluent French and personally know every one of the villa owners. So comprehensive is their knowledge of each property and neighborhood that they can tell you which appliances are in each kitchen (French press or espresso machine, electric or gas stove) and precisely how long it takes to get to the nearest bakery. Annie herself knows the views from every bedroom and the best restaurants in every village. No matter where or what you rent–whether it’s a farmhouse in the Provençal countryside, a seaside villa on the Côte d’Azur, a chateau in the Loire Valley, a stone cottage in the Dordogne, or a pied-a-terre in Paris—Annie can arrange every last detail, including car rentals, in-house chefs, babysitters, tour guides, and train trips."

  • Condé Nast Traveler - The Experience Makers 2015 - December 2015
  • WendyPerrin.com - The Rewards of a French Villa Vacation in Wintertime - October 2015
  • Goop - Best Villas By Destination - July 2015
  • The Wall Street Journal - Off Duty Summer 50 - Your Guide to Outdoor Entertaining - Move the Party to a European Villa - June 2015
  • The WOW List: Wendy's Trusted Travel Experts - France Villa Vacation Rentals: Insider's Guide - February 2015
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Wendy Perrin's 8th Annual Guide to Foolproof Villa Vacations - March 2013
  • Overseas Radio Network: Interview with Doni Belau of Girls Guide to Paris - May 2012
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Wendy Perrin's 7th Annual Guide to Affordable Villa Vacations - April 2012
  • Chester County Life: Just France...An Honest Approach and Excellent Properties - September/October 2011
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Affordable Villa Vacations - Wendy Perrin's 6th annual Worldwide Guide - April 2011
  • "Flogaus knows every detail of her houses—the views from each bedroom, the walking distance to the nearest village, the best weeks to go."

  • The Washington Post: In France's Dordogne, a rental house offers ease of exploration - March 2011
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Villa Rental Agents: Perrin's People part of Wendy Perrin's 5th Annual Worldwide Guide to Affordable Villa Vacations - June 2010
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer: The Villa Solution - December 3, 2009
  • "For villas in France, also check with JUST FRANCE"

  • Condé Nast Traveler: Worldwide Guide to Affordable Villa Vacations - June 2009
  • "190 properties (low season, $1,800-$20,350; high season, $1,900-$24,175)"

  • Australian Gourmet Traveller: Top 40 Travel Tips - February 2009
  • #31 - "When travelling with children, it is much easier to stay in apartments rather than hotels. For travel in France, justfrance.com has a fantastic selection of apartments..."

  • Condé Nast Traveler: Worldwide Guide to Affordable Villa Vacations - June 2008
  • "Flogaus recommends Provence in June, when the village markets are not crowded and the fields are dotted with bright red poppies..."

  • Atlanta Woman: Rent a house in Provence - It's easy, affordable and offers a real French experience - May 2008
  • Renting a house with friends or family also cuts down on the cost, points out Annie Flogaus, owner of JUST FRANCE, a Philadelphia-based firm that specializes in French house rentals.

  • Condé Nast Traveler: Finding the Perfect Pied-à-Terre - December 2007
  • Agencies specializing in Paris rentals include JustFranceinParis.com with apartments from $1,975 a week.

  • National Geographic Traveler: How to Rent a Villa - September 2007
  • THE SPECIALISTS: For rentals in France, try JUST FRANCE (610-407-9633; justfrance.com)...

  • Great Taste: Traveling in Style: Hotel Alternative Solutions (Requires QuickTime) - July 2007
  • JUST FRANCE's TV debut on "Traveling in Style: Hotel Alternative Solutions," as part of the World’s Best series. The segment aired on The Travel Channel, WE Women’s Entertainment, and on regional cable news networks nationwide.

  • Condé Nast Traveler: Worldwide Guide to Affordable Villa Vacations - June 2007
  • "Flogaus is familiar with all the particulars including the views from each bedroom and the walking distance to the nearest village. Her attention to detail also shows how thoroughly she briefs clients."

  • Philadelphia Inquirier: Su Casa es Mi Casa - July 2006
  • "The descriptions and pictures of the houses have all been true to form. They [JUST FRANCE staffers] visit each house once a year, so the information is up-to-date."

  • Travel & Leisure: Dream Villas Made Easy - June 2006
  • BOUTIQUE AGENCIES - These intimately scaled operations [such as JUST FRANCE] tend to focus on specific regions and to develop personal relationships with local homeowners.

  • Condé Nast Traveler: Worldwide Villa Rental Guide - June 2006
  • Flogaus recalls the tiniest details, whether it's the color of the marble around the fireplace in one of her Paris apartments or the name of the artist who painted the still life hanging in one of her Provençal manor houses. Her attention to detail also shows in how thoroughly she advises clients...

  • Passport Newsletter: Renting a Vacation Property in France - May 2006
  • JUST FRANCE, based in Philadelphia, is strongest with properties in Provence and along the Côte d'Azur, as well as apartments in Paris, but also has an inventory of rentals throughout France. The company inspects all properties and maintains ongoing contact with owners.

  • Seattle Times: Who Holds the Keys - January 2006
  • "...find a villa in Provence and elsewhere in southern France (plus luxury apartments in Paris) through the Pennsylvania-based JUST FRANCE."

  • La Belle France: Entering the French Adventure - Spring 2005
  • "JUST FRANCE has been helping match American Francophiles with the right Right Bank pied-à-terre (or the perfect Provençal mas) for fourteen [fifteen as of April 2006] years. When it comes to handing you a set of French keys, we think these are very safe hands."

  • Kiplinger Finance: The Thrill of a Villa - May 2004
  • "If you need to book a bigger place, or if you plan to vacation during the high season, consider reserving far in advance. Cecilia Delury of Carmichael, Cal., booked her summer 2003 reservations over a year ahead to celebrate her birthday at a five-bedroom country house outside the town of Castelnaudary in southern France."

  • Fox News: Travelers Take a Cue from 'Tuscan Sun' - April 2004
  • "You can get to know a particular region and its culture, cuisine and wines and get into the whole rhythm of a leisurely life in the countryside"

  • National Geographic Traveler: Smart Traveler - The Villa Report - September 2003
  • Consumer Reports: Renting a Villa - What You Should Know - July 2003
  • Countryside Vacations: Vive la France! - Spring 2003
  • New York Times: Keys To A Rental Villa... - March 2002
  • Fortune: The Top 25 Villa Agents - August 2002
  • Forbes: Best of the Web - Travel
  • "Content written by Francophiles with an in-depth knowledge of French travel and culture "

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